Friendz: not the ordinary business model

Friendz is a platform that allows everybody to become ambassador of their favourite brands. Awesome! How? They take pictures aligned with the company needs and share them on their personal social media profiles.

With its business model, Friendz innovates the relationship between the publisher and his audience. Therefore, the marketing communication system is not based on the typical top down system anymore (where brands target the market as a whole), but it is peer-to-peer instead. The reference target of the contents posted by a Friendz, in fact, is his peer community composed by people that he directly knows or acquaintances. Taking benefits of this relationship, the transmission of advertising message always results fresh and genuine to its final recipients.

Today we are here to talk about the way our business model works: how to get the coins, how to use them and how Friendz works even better using the blockchain.

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How does Friendz business model work?

First things first, Friendz is proud to have introduced in the digital marketing scenario a new way of doing advertising, based on peer-to-peer communication. We deliver our services in the form of Fun and Brand campaigns, vehiculating companies advertising messages through the collaboration of our community of users.

Brand campaign are designed by clients to reach specific marketing goals while the Fun campaigns are generated by our team to keep high the internal level of engagement of our community.Fun campaigns are open to everybody but they are available just for a limited number of participants (first come first served!), while Brand campaigns are just sent to a target of app users considered suitable by the client company.

After downloading the app, users can login with their Facebook account and they can see a list of the active campaigns and choose the one they want to participate in.

How to participate in the campaigns?

To join the campaign, users need to take a picture in accordance with the rules provided, and upload it in the app. From here on, they need the OK of the approval system.

If the picture sent satisfies all the requirements listed in the rules, then the photo will automatically appear on users’ social media profile. And hence they receive a reward in the form of Friendz Coins, which amount is variable, depending on the campaign.

On the contrary, if the picture doesn’t fit with the guidelines, it will be refused and the upload of a second one will be requested.

Users will see all the pictures in their app internal walls and have the opportunity of rating the photos they like the most. This voting mechanism activates a healthy competition between users, pushing them to always improve their skills in taking good pictures. Therefore, the higher the quality of pictures, the bigger the choice of awards.

Our campaigns and how to join them!

How does the approval system work?

We want to provide top quality contents to the clients that choose to include Friendz in their digital marketing strategies. That is why we designed an approval system able to guarantee that the pictures uploaded by our community comply with the guidelines and standard requested by the brands.

Therefore, how does the approval system work?

First of all, every picture uploaded in the app is examined by highly skilled users that work to guarantee the proper functioning of the approval system. The so-called approvers’ task is to check the quality of every single content , making sure it complies with Friendz rules, campaign guidelines and brand safety requirements.

A photo is correctly classified when it receives the green light from a consistent number of approvers. When a picture is accepted, it is then automatically published on user’s social media profile. In case the picture is valued with more negative than positive feedbacks, it is rejected.

Approvers are ranked based on the accuracy of their approvals, to guarantee their alignment with Friendz guidelines.

Why is the approval process manual?

Manual validation is a safe system and it is a useful tool to guarantee the delivery of top-quality pictures and brand safety.

For every campaign, we set specific guidelines about pictures’ approval and refusal criteria, so that the judgment on photo quality, captions and hashtag is always impartial and reasoned.

For copyright issues, it is very important that the pictures are originally taken and not stolen from the web. Breaking the rules implies the zeroing of the account. Pictures cannot be stolen or “borrowed” from other users (or people not belonging to the app community) or be already present on the web (unless their ownership can be proven). From our clients’ point of view, this mechanism will guarantee the quality of the pictures and their originality, avoiding any legal and reputation implications.

Content approval on Friendz

Happy clients

All the clients which collaborated with us in the past have been extremely happy of the results achieved with Friendz. We know that every company has different needs and expectations and it is for this reason that they have at their disposal diverse marketing solutions. Through our platform we do not only provide top-quality pictures in line with companies marketing goals, but we also guarantee community participation and engagement in the activities proposed.

Our clients

In the next article, more information about Friendz pictures internal rating system are coming.

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