Francesca’s perspective: her way up from user to employee at Friendz!

As the years pass by and you have a permanent job and your own routine, it’s nice remembering how, why and when you get there. When you convert your hobby into a job, it’s funny telling others your story, because everyone has its own.

Today we talk to one of our Friendz. She started by being a user of the application and ended up being part of Friendz staff. In two years she shifted almost every position in our family; from lazy to active user, moderator, intern, approver and lastly permanent part of our team! The person we are talking about is Francesca Bianchi and we are here today to tell her story. Some of you may know her from our Facebook page and many others in person because, when she was a user, she had a lot of friends in our community!

What’s Friendz for you?

I would say that Friendz is a way to disconnect from everyday life problems: it allows you to meet new people and create your own community. In the end you discover them being your neighbour, the one you never say “hi” to but you always end up meeting in the elevator, the man working at the grocery store just below your house, or even that one university colleague that you haven’t seen in ages. Everything starts as a game, but it becomes a sort of “personal challenge” that helps you improve in something you like doing.

Francesca’s picture for a Campaign

What benefits does it bring to the user?

As I said , it’s not just a game. It’s a continuous challenge that makes you grow and get better in everything you do. It’s funny how it pushes you to involve other people and how they end up using the app themselves. For example my parents helped me by finding stuff to photograph for every campaign; for the Eurospin campaign they bought me wine bottles, they came with me in the field with glasses, bottles, little things to create a nice composition and they did all that just so I could take the best photo. Little by little they started enjoying it until they started realizing their own shots for others campaigns.

What do you think about the campaigns?

I love them! Some campaigns are difficult others are easy, but in order to participate in every one of them you need to use your imagination and be creative. It is not compulsory to join them all so that you can choose which one realize according to your tastes and preferences. What I like the most is that there are always new campaigns in the app, about three per week! My favourites ones are the Brand campaigns: to participate in the majority of them you just have to take a picture of a company’s branded product and create a composition including it. Brand campaigns, Fun campaigns: in the end they’re all great!

A funny example of Brand Campaign

What do you think about the approvers?

At the end of the day they’re just people giving their opinion upon the quality of your photo, being objective and critical. One of the things that I appreciate the most about their activity is that they always provide you with a feedback in the case your picture hasn’t been approved or they compliment you when they like it. The approval system is not an automatic mechanism and the personal touch definitely makes the difference. Approvers ratings come very quick too: last year I noticed that some of them have been working on the very night of New Year’s Eve to populate the app with amazing themed pictures!

How would you describe Friendz team?

I’d say that it is just amazing. There’s no other thing you can compare it to nor there is something similar to Friendz. It’s a unique company, composed by a young and extremely professional team. Furthermore, I have always admired the way they cared about the app community! An example? Friendz founders continuously invite and welcome those users who are interested to meet them in their Milan office!No other company does this, isn’t it great?

Francesca and Friendz Team.

Tell me about your experience at Friendz and how you ended up here.

My university and Friendz have been collaborating for two years. It is in the occasion of a career day that I first got in contact with their company: there, two guys in a pretty chaotic booth convinced me to download Friendz app in exchange of sweets. I did it and I started to be a Friendz frequent user! Later on, in September, I heard that the guys were looking for in app moderators and I decided to apply for a position in Friendz. That’s how I got in this big family!After almost a year I can say I officially belong to the team and, funny enough, the day I signed my contract was the same day I downloaded the app two years before.

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