How to register to Friendz ICO

In this article we are going to explain you how to register to Friendz ICO.

First of all, access our website and select the button SIGN UP. You will be redirected to our login page 

You can decide to log in with your Google account or to create a new account.

If you register a new account you are asked to insert your details.

When you login, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your profile. Sometimes, this email can be seen as spam from your provider, so check in the spam folder as well!

Be careful of scammers! Our official address is FriendzDashboard [email protected] You should not reply to this email.

Click on the link provided in the email or copy it in your browser. Your account has been now verified!

Once you access the dashboard you find the summary of the next steps to complete.

— —

STEP 1 — Apply to whitelist

The first step requires to apply to the whitelist. You must insert the number of ETH that you intend to invest. The minimum amount is 0.1ETH.

STEP 2 — Join Telegram group

The second step requires to join Friendz Telegram group and register your Telegram Username on the dashboard.

STEP 3 — Newsletter

The third step lets you choose if you want to receive news and updates from Friendz.

STEP 4 — ETH Address

In the fourth step you have to submit the ETH ERC20 address that you will use for sending your contribution.

Be careful! You can’t use an exchange address, but only an address suitable for ERC20 tokens.

If you participate to the ICO using Coinbase, GDax, Bittrex, Binance or other exchanges you will lose your money.

Addresses that we recommend to use: Myetherwallet, Metamask.

STEP 5 — Referral

In this section you can find your referral link, ready to be shared on your social profiles or with your friends.

Inviting new friends, you will receive bonus tokens, 5% of the amount invested by your friends. In addition, you will receive other tokens for any friend that you invite, following the scheme:

1 friend — 10 tokens

5 friends — 60 tokens

10 friends — 140 tokens

20 friends — 300 tokens

50 friends — 1000 tokens

100 friends — 3000 tokens

— —

On the right of the dashboard you can see:

  • your position in the whitelist ranking: the more steps you complete, the higher your ranking!
  • the number of free tokens you received with the referral program
  • the countdown until the ICO start
  • the number of friends you referred

On the left of the dashboard you can see the summary of the steps to complete, a section about ICO information, a section with the description of the rules for tokens Airdrop, the VIP Area reserved to partners.

Learn more about Friendz ICO and whitepaper at
Join Friendz Telegram chat
Watch Friendz Official Video here

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