Friendz destiny is not just written in the stars

People always say “it’s written in the stars” but the credibility of an ICO is not legible there. In last few years a discrete number of ICOs, with a more or less concrete background, made their appearance in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

But not all of them had Friendz wide appeal.

The easiest way to see the hype around an ICO are numbers (or metrics, so to say).

Friendz is a step away from launching its ICO on the 1st of March and it is already considered to be one of the hottest of 2018 with a 4.7 rating on ICObench (

A substantial support from the community helped Friendz ICO hype grew that fast. Being under the spotlights convinced other startups in the process of designing an ICO to contact Friendz for help in dealing with their marketing and communication strategies.

Friendz has a strong background; it is a company active on the market since 2016, has a community of more than 200,000 users and it counts as clients several well-known brands. Apart from that, Friendz channels grow exponentially day by day; in less than a month its Official Telegram Group ( skyrocketed from 5,000 users to 80,000.* And it’s not just that! In fact, Friendz also has:

  • an Official News Channel (;
  • 7 unofficial local chats (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese/Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean);
  • 28 international admins.

All this makes Friendz ICO the 5th biggest group about ICO on Telegram and the 2nd by daily growth (source*

If this wasn’t enough, Friendz is currently listed on more than 25 different rating websites* with substantial rating scores. Up to now, Friendz is featured on:

In case you were wondering about the social media presence, Friendz has:

  • an active Twitter account for its ICO with +46k followers and an average reach of 25k per tweet;
  • a Facebook page with 46k likes;
  • a Medium profile with 2k followers and an average of 3k “clap” per article;
  • a BitcoinTalk tread that counts 40 pages and 787 comments.*

Going back to the hype around this ICO, another signal of trust is given by people themselves. So far the number of registered users on their dashboard is 300,000 and among them there are:

  • 7,500 listed for KYC
  • 95,000 users with more than 3,000 points
  • 35,000 users with more than 5,000 points
  • 270,000 registered through referral*

Next time you will wonder on how to recognize a trustworthy ICO, don’t rely on the stars. Let the numbers speak for themselves!

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*Data gathered on 27/02/2018

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