Friendz ICO token sale: day 1 update

Friendz ICO token sale is live and ongoing — 42% sold out


Many ICOs have been blamed of taking on too many whales, reducing the amount of tokens available for the crowd.

Friendz, instead, defended its army of little goldfish, giving them priority to access the token sale!

Our Cryptocommunity seemed really enthusiast about it. Following our Friendz ethics we wanted to give to as many people as possible the opportunity to take part in our project. And we can proudly say that this makes us one of the most democratic crypto-sales so far.

Let’s see the results of yesterday!

Friendz ICO Fish Tank has never been so crowded before: on March 1st, the total number of people that participated to the ICO amounted to almost 14k, with an average of 1.4 ETH each.

42% of FDZ are already sold out, while other 430M are still out there!

Have you already saved your seat or are you still afraid there is no room left for you?
Well, Friendz is just waiting for you!


Check out more on the official dashboard!

Friendz team

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