First goal reached: 8000 goldfish!

Here’s what is going on in the first hours

In a world made of whales, Friendz decided to give priority to goldfish.

Differently from what many other ICOs do, Friendz created a system to guarantee priority to smaller contributions and maximise the number of partecipants.

One of Friendz goals is, in fact, to make the advertising process democratic. In this perspective, Friendz decided to put this into action starting from day 1, or better, starting from the ICO day.

Friendz power day, the occasion which whitelisted people got to purchase their Friendz tokens with a 40% bonus and time advantage, has started today, February 28th at 10.00 am UTC. Today, the objective was to maximize the cryptocommunity, sending contributions below 5 ETH.

Friendz enthusiasts reacted passionately!

We were expecting around 5000 participants, but instead more than 8000 people have been participating from all over the world, with an average of 1.4 ETH contribution.

In the first hours over a 25% of the 750 million tokens were sold, for a total of 190M FDZ.

Here some example of the messages sent in the Telegram group (some referred to the team as well)

We are amazed by these stats: let’s start with a big thank you all!


Tomorrow Friendz ICO will open its doors to the public! People that were not in the whitelist will be able to join the ICO.

We are still overwhelmed by the super high degree of participation and enthusiasm shown for the project and we are sure that even more exciting moments are yet to come!

Check out more on the official dashboard!


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