Friendz Web App: How to participate to the first international campaign

Everybody wants to know how to participate to campaigns and join the Friendz community!

In this article you will find a quick overview of how the webapp works, how to get credits, how to transform them in tokens, how the tokens can be used.

Login here because the first international campaign is coming!!


Let’s say you’re home bored and pointlessly scrolling every social media home you’re on, looking for something entertaining when, all of a sudden, a photo catches your attention. And no, we are not talking about cute puppies and kittens. Not even meme.

Your long time friend just posted a photo wearing a cool t-shirt of a certain brand and, next thing you know, you just bought the same t-shirt.

What you just witnessed is not some marketing strategy using another overpaid influencer. It’s something more: the power of your everyday life connections.

And what if you could take pictures, have fun with your friends and even earn from all that?

That’s what Friendz is here for!

Friendz app is available for iOS and Android and can already count on a wide community of users in Italy and Spain.

The international version of Friendz app is to be released soon, but in the meantime, you can have fun with the web app 🙂

How does the web app work?

It’s very easy. After hitting the “LogIn” button in the homepage, Friendz will automatically login with your Facebook profile (so that there is one less password for you to remember).

Have a look at our active campaigns

That’s it, you’re in! Now you can see the active campaigns you can take part in. Brand campaigns are activities that require to create a content with an advertising message. Fun campaigns, instead, are creativities that Friendz makes up with the goal of increasing the engagement within the community, but are not sponsored by any company.

Pressing on the button “Read more” under each campaign you find the campaign description, the rules, Mr Algorithm advice — that’s how we call our virtual mentor :D — and everything you need to know (which we advise to read thoroughly).

Overview of campaign description

In every campaign you can also see examples of what other Friendz did and get yourself inspired by their creativity, but do not copy them! If you did a good job and followed all the rules, your photo will be approved and you will earn the respective credits.

The only thing you have to do now is joining the campaigns you like the most, take a picture following the guidelines and upload it in the app.

What about credits?

To every campaign correspond a certain amount of credits that you receive as a reward after the publication of your content. Once you collect enough credits you can use them to get vouchers and gift cards that you will find in the sections “prizes” and “store”. You can always check your credits status, your algorithm and quality ranking in the upper navigation bar on the web app or simply clicking on your photo to open your profile.

Have a look to our “Prizes”section

We already said that every content, before being posted, go through a validation system. Curious to know how does it work?

The system that checks if the contents published are correct is decentralized and made by the community itself. Some expert users, that we call approvers, get also rewarded in credits for every content they check before being published on your social network profile.

You know what is really cool?


Users will be able to see the amount of Credits they have and the amount of their Friendz tokens in separate accounts.

What to use the token for?

This is the most interesting part guys.

Tokens will let users access new functionalities in the app that will boost the user experience and the degree of amusement through the gamification process. To take advantage of these benefits, people will have to transform their credits into tokens. Hence, they will be able to:

  • Get new special features to be used inside the app with the goal of customising the user’s profile while increase their visibility and exposure within the app
  • Create more interaction with other users and boost their profiles.
  • Upgrade their app profile following a staking mechanism: users that convert credits into tokens and accumulate them for a specific time span, will receive “experience points” that will level up their profiles;
  • Participate in gamified contests organized by Friendz. The game rules will be set in the chain, so that it will be possible to leverage on the power of full transparency of the network in order to create a totally fair system.
  • Last but not least, it will also be possible to move the tokens outside the app and transfer them into personal crypto currency wallets. These wallets will totally belong to the token holders and are not related anymore with the app.

A new world, the same app!

Ready to have fun?

Friendz has a wide community of people willing to have fun and interact with one another so it’s not hard making new friends! But if you are worried to feel alone in the beginning, don’t worry, you also have the possibility to invite your friends to have fun with you. How do you do that? It’s easy! Click on the three horizontal bars next to your profile pic to open the drop down menu, click on “invite friends” and tell your friends to use your code when they will open the web app.

But attention! You will gain credits only if your Friendz participate to at least one campaign within the next 7 days, otherwise you will lose you credits!

Don’t forget to invite your Friendz!

The first international campaign will be available really soon on Friendz web app, are you ready to join it?

What are you waiting for? Let’s have fun!


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