Friendz app goes global!

“Hi, I am from Canada, can I download Friendz app?”

“I would love to participate to Friendz campaigns from the UK, can I ?”

“Does it exist a global version of the app?”

To all of you, enthusiast potential users, we have been answering that the app would have been available soon, and now…

…the time to be patient is finally over!

It is with great pleasure that we announce to the world that from today on, it will be possible to download Friendz app from the PlayStore in more than 140 countries!

The Android version of the app is, in fact, ready to welcome a new international community of users with engaging campaigns and activities: everyone can now be rewarded for having fun with Friendz.

Download Friendz app from Play Store

Need to know more about the app and the campaigns? Keep reading!

Why should I use Friendz app?

Friendz app allows you to be rewarded for something that you already have been doing: publishing contents on your social network profiles!

For every campaign that you take part in, you get a reward that you can use to get vouchers and coupons from online ecommerces.

Friendz app prize section

Cool! What should I do?

What you need to do is to choose the campaign you like, read the guidelines carefully and create a content that respects the rules. You then upload the content in the app and just wait until your content passes the approval process!

The majority of the campaigns require to take a nice picture, some others require to share links, complete surveys or do other actions. Every campaign has a clear description of what you need to do.

And what happens after my picture is approved?

Once your content is approved, you receive a notification in the app and your content is published on your personal profile on Facebook or Instagram. You will see in the app the number of credits you received as reward!

If your content is rejected you will be invited to upload a new one, with a short explanation of what was wrong.

In the special section of the app you will see the prizes available in that moment and that you can get using your credits.

Cool right?

What are you waiting for? 😀

New campaigns are waiting for you in the app!

What about iOS users?

Don’t worry, you won’t be left behind! You are invited to participate to the same campaigns from the web app and, in some weeks, you will be able to download the app from your mobile phone too!

For all your questions you can contact Friendz team members on the official Telegram chat !

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