What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Friendz X BitcoinTalk Community

What the majority of people knows is that BitcoinTalk is a forum dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. What many others may not know is that, thanks to its substantial user base, BitcoinTalk has become a valuable and trustworthy traffic source for everything connected to the crypto-world.

Lately, this forum has also become the most respected source for evaluating the success of newborn blockchain projects. Its extremely targeted audience represents, in fact, a guarantee of correct judgement over the success or failure of the future projects.

As any self-respecting ICO does, Friendz also announced all the relevant details of its plan on Bitcoin Talk. The starting point was to create an announcement (ANN) thread on the website to draw the attention of blockchain experts on Friendz ICO project.

We were hoping to collect as many feedbacks as possible to perfection our ICO before its opening to the public.

And so it was.

From day one, our thread started to be populated by hundreds of questions which now make it 50 pages long with a total of nearly 1000 quotes.

On the one hand investors asking about details of tokens, their characteristics and future use, on the other hand developers wondering about specific aspects of the smart contract and blockchain.

It was like being invited to a roundtable session where whoever interested in the project was trying to help us to fix it, making it even better.

Once more, the support of the community was our main asset: as many users say, in fact, BTCTalk is where the community is.

We thought that it was important to win the support of the BTCTalk folks and, in fact, it was essential: thanks to the suggestion of thousand people and an open discussion, Friendz will be able to reach incredible results with a view to future global expansion.

So thank you all, no matter if you are a dev, an investor, a newbie or a crypto guru, because every compliment you wrote and any complaint you expressed helped us in our journey to the moon!

Thank you for your feedback and may the ICO be with you! 🚀

Learn more about Friendz ICO and whitepaper at www.friendz.io
Join Friendz Telegram chat https://t.me/friendzICO


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