Friendz AMA session breakdown

Friendz AMA session breakdown

Q. What is the status of listing on a Major exchange?

A. Applications were send to almost all the Major exchanges but, due to the amount of ICOs trying to get listed, there is a massive back log. That said, the team is following up on the matter daily as it is in everyone’s benefit to get listed on various exchanges.

Q. Why did you remove half of my referrals?

A. Due to large amounts of users that tried to cheat the system, validation checks were done by the team. Starting from 18 April 2018, you will be able to validate your account. If your account has been flagged, you can validate your account on the dashboard and this will not take more than a few seconds to complete. All the bounty and referral tokens not redeemed will be split proportionally between all the token holders with valid accounts. All referral and bounty tokens will be released on 1 May 2018 or possibly before that date if Friendz list on a major exchange.

Q. Is there new Marketing Campaigns to come?

A. The new application will be launched in April with some new campaigns and features. One of the most exciting things is that the FDZ tokens will be integrated in to the application and you will be able to earn tokens taking part in campaigns.

Q. Please give us an overview of the road map for the next 6 months.

A. A new company structure is being designed and finalized, with some new functional areas that will start operating soon. Examples of these areas are marketing for international communities and crypto marketing services for other companies. Our Vision is to create a bigger team in countries where Friendz has huge support. We are expanding into Europe by launching 3 new offices in strategic cities and are even working on broadening our footprint globally. New exciting features are waiting you in the app, such as the ability to sell your photos on the platform which can be used for marketing purposes by Friendz clients, or participating in marketing surveys, where you will receive FDZ by answering Friendz client’s questions.

Q. When Friendz will go to the moon?

A. As soon as Possible! All the team needs are some time. Friendz clients will be required to buy FDZ on exchanges to use Friendz services. This condition will increase the FDZ volume dramatically in the next few weeks: all tokens bought by the clients will be used as rewards for customers that participate in their campaign inside the app. The FDZ obtained will be sent to your FDZ wallet in the application. Yes, you heard me right: the wallet will be included and available inside the app within April!

Q. Will it be possible to log in to the app with Instagram?

A. It’s not be possible yet, but a new e-mail logging will be available (you can use any email to create an account). All the Facebook haters will have an alternative to logging now!

Q. Is there any special benefit if you hold Friendz for a long time?

A. Yes, we are introducing a system where, if you hold the tokens in your applications wallet, we can track how long you have been HODL’ing . Consequently, we will make sure you will receive big rewards: see it as a sort of staking.

Q. How many customers do you have internationally?

A. A few customers at this stage but we have a very good strategy to bring our services abroad! Anyway, we need to expand our community first.

Q. What benefit will Power Hour investors receive?

A. This has not been decided yet.

Q. What is the current supply?

A. The current supply is between 400–500million FDZ for now.

Q. Where would you like to see Friendz in two years in regard to growth?

A. Our aim is the following: 2Million users, 100 team members and 1000 customers around the world.

Q. When will there be more international brand Campaigns?

A, At this stage, so we are busy building the community to service bigger and better campaign in the near future, all around the world.

Q. Will it be possible to view the company’s economic results.

A. All results will be published publicly in the weeks to follow.

Q. Will you partner with Facebook?

A. We will try and make that happen.

Q. What do you think about the current price?

A. With the current ETH price in mind it is not far from the ICO price. It is due to the market crash, in fact, that the USD amount differs so much. The tokens seem to be linked to ETH for now, we aim to break away for this link as soon as Friendz moves forward with new campaigns and get listed on major exchanges.

Q. Are you and your clients scared of possible regulations in the future?

A. We are not scared about regulatory policies, we have built our structure on the new privacy policy called GDPR.

Thank you all for joining this AMA possible, looking forward to number #2

Friendz Team

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