Technical updates

Much is going on under the hood in the development labs of Friendz, here is a snapshot quicklist of what we are doing and what we are going to release:

1. New iOS version will be released about around the 15th of May, furthermore we are working on a huge new release that will contain:
– A better user experience for the user and a very beautiful graphic design, we will post some screenshot in the channel soon.
– A new technology, we are rebuilding the app using react native that will allow us to speed up releases of 60%.
– New servers infrastructure, for better scalability in the future countries.
– An ecommerce to let brands autopurchase. Everybody in the world can setup a campaign and there is a full dashboard for the customers to see how the campaign is going.

2. We are working also to bring the web-app to the same functionality levels of the mobiles apps.

3. The blog is going out before the 10th of May and I believe will be very useful to the community.

4. Distribution of the bounty tokens will START on May 1st in the evening, there are thousands of transaction to process and the Ethereum network is really slow I’ve estimate that could take about 3 or 4 days for the process to complete. During this time any question like “when am I going to get my tokens” will not be answered.

5. We are also adding new members to the team, but of course at the beginning this consume time because new members need to be trained by the experienced ones, so at the beginning you have to go a little bit slower to have more speed later

Keep checking our blog to have information on what is going in the Friendz world.


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