Friendz by the side of newborn ICOs

As Friendz finished its ICO and looked back at what it did, it noticed that community management and a well thought marketing strategy were not only its strengths, but also a fundamental part of running ICO.

This laid the groundwork for the creation of an ICO Business Unit made in Friendz. The core services Friendz will provide for other ICOs will be customer care and content production, everything done with the help of its community.
How? Through Friendz App, of course! In fact, using the logic of decentralization, Friendz will employ trusted community managers and content creators (who have already collaborated with during its own ICO) to provide said services.

As written in the whitepaper everything will be paid using Friendz Coin (FDZ) and there already are ICOs knocking at Friendz’s door.

In the next article Friendz will give you a sneak peek on its first partner!

So, if you are a blockchain startup representative and you are interested in these and more services, don’t wait to contact us!


Enrico Pasquotti
Telegram: @enricopa

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