Friendz’s new services: Contest and Lead Generation

Born at the end of 2015, Friendz is a startup which core business has up until now, been  providing digital marketing services by leveraging a community of more than 200.000 users, highly engaged in the activities run inside the app.


From that moment on, Friendz has grown achieving substantial results, not only expanding its community and team (of 40 employees) but also the range of offered services. In addition to Videos, Photo on Demand and User Generated Content, Friendz now offers products related to “insight” such as Market Researches, Product test, AB test and Mystery Shopping. It also provides products related to the “actions” of its users such as Contest and Lead Generation, Community Amplification, Gaming Platform and Drive to Store.


After a period of validation, Friendz is ready to offer a Contest and Lead Generation service by launching a new proprietary platform. With this new tool, clients will be able to create three different kind of contest: Photographic, Select and Win and Instant Win contests.

The first one invites the user to participate through the registration and the creation of a photo following the instructions of a brief. Moreover, In order to maximize the traffic volume, there will be an internal voting mechanism. The second kind requires the creation of a content starting from an already existing graphic asset, followed by the possibility to be elected winner in three different ways. Lastly, the Instant Win type requires the user registration, the completion of an action and the possibility to instantly win.


Many are the advantages and the peculiarities of this platform, but the one that stands out the most is the zero cost. Friendz bears the costs of the platform itself, plus a variety of included services such as: legal and bureaucracy management, creativity and engagement, target profiling, landing page or mini-website development in addition to participation and winners management. Moreover, the platform is already GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

The only cost for the client will be, in fact, the users registration.

All this is made possible thanks to the employment of the internal technology, followed by the engagement and deep profiling guarantees that Friendz can offer thanks to its community.


The platform has already been tested internally as well as with clients, achieving substantial results. In fact, one of the latest contest launched reached the following results: 37,000 unique users, 9,000 subscribers, 3,000 uploaded photos and 115,000 assigned votes.


In addition to this, in the past few months Friendz has already tested and launched all the other services listed above, whose presentation will be examined in depth in the next articles.