The growth of a startup: the team structure

The path that leads from being just a project on paper to becoming a structured company it’s very hard, but it’s also the dream of every entrepreneur. Only few of them can make it come true and, luckily, Friendz is among them.

Born at the end of 2015, Friendz ceased to be the dream of three graduate students (Daniele Scaglia, Cecilia Nostro and Alessandro Cadoni) and became a concrete project. As of today, in fact, Friendz has a community of more than 200.000 users, it has collaborated with more than 200 brands and it opened its offices in Milan, Rome, Chiasso and Madrid. Also, Friendz has a team of 40 employees which is about to get bigger.

The launch of Friendz ICO, as well as its journey full of surprises and unexpected events, has been an incredible adventure necessary to raise the indispensable funds for its internationalization and expansion. This has been the decisive boost that helped Friendz making the leap to broaden its services and wider its structure, creating new divisions and teams.

If at the beginning an account, a creative specialist and a community manager were enough, today there are many professional figures which help Friendz growing day by day.

The fundamental structure has been broadened and implemented by hiring new developers to maintain the app and the many platforms developed internally (at least 10). Concerning the business development, almost a year ago two salesmen have joined the team (and a new one is coming soon) coordinated by a General Manager with many years of experience in the field.

The three salesmen will be devoted to three different industries, as well as accounts and creative specialists, for a total of 3 vertical teams composed by salesman – account – creative specialist.

Lastly, the real core of Friendz, the community team will keep on working and entertaining the community under the guidance of its Team Leader.

Other than these already consolidated professional figures, in the past weeks new teams have appeared in Friendz headquarters. Specifically, in a few days the new Marketing team will be complete, thanks to a Friendz-style unconventional recruiting. This team will be focused on the brand Friendz as well as its communication, PR and the technical and creative events organization, always following the unconventional style of the brand.

The second team deals with Administration, Finance and Control (AF&C) focusing on financial activities (ordinary finance and M&A), management control, legal and societary affairs as well as administration.

In addition, Friendz launched the new R&D division, trying to investigate the never-ending potentiality of its community by developing new products able to combine the market needs and the community engagement. In the next few weeks new and already validated products will be launched.

Last but not least, the team that most represents Friendz future, is the so called Country. At the end on November Friendz inaugurated the Spanish Team with the opening of an headquarter in Madrid. They will export the already validated product, its vision and values, marking the beginning of Friendz internationalization.

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