The end of job interviews as you knew them

If at any point in your life you too had spent days sending CVs and presentation letters to every hiring company, then you know that once they answer back, the best case scenario is that you have to undergo a series of boring interviews before you get hired.

On the contrary, Friendz decided to go in the opposite direction from the very beginning.

Since the day the three founders met, it was clear that the startup was not intended to follow the conventional way of doing things. The first clue was that it wasn’t born in a fancy office of the Silicon Valley, nor in a dynamic coworking space and neither in a garage as Apple and Amazon did. In fact, the three co-founders met at nonna Imelda’s house (Alessandro’s grandma) to lay the groundwork of their project.

Considered Friendz unconventional beginning, its recruiting system could not be any different!

The first one to start Friendz unconventional recruiting tradition was Friendz CTO Giorgio Pallocca. He wanted to test developers’ ability in coding, exiting the usual frame of face-to-face interview. Therefore, he followed the model of Joel Spolsky (ex project manager of Excel at Microsoft) which suggested that, to test the ability of a candidate, it was necessary to code with him in order to understand his level of overall performance.

Thanks to this method, our web and blockchain developer Flavio came on board!

(To know more about Friendz developers’ recruiting, you can read Giorgio’s interview here: )

The other unconventional recruiting event was created by the three founders and carried out with the help of the whole existing team. In order to hire the new salesmen, which Friendz calls The Groundhogs, they had to select 30 people out of 100 candidates and make them work into groups of three. As next step, the candidates had to pass four different challenges.

They had to: buy and sell a bicycle, find Francesco Sole (an Italian influencer friends of the 3 co-founders), get an ice-cream for free and explain Friendz to their grandmas.

                                      Our salesman Marco (left) and Arnaldo (right)

These challenges were designed to test their creativity, teamwork and skills, other than seeing if they shared the same spirit of the team.

Now, Friendz is planning another unconventional recruiting and it will be definitely full of surprises and turn of the events.

Keep on following Friendz blog to know what will come up next!

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