Voting contest on DragonEx

There is a new voting contest online to list Friendz Coin on Dragonex!

What is Dragonex?

DragonEx is an exchange that currently has 200,000 active users with a continually growing daily trading volume ranging between 45 to 75 million USD.

It is registered in Singapore with customer service in Malta and Belarus and it has also acquired a US local media company to march on North America Market. It is open for all cooperation opportunities in the field of blockchain related, by providing funds or technology support for startups and helping with user base establishment in the Asian-pacific area.

DragonEx is more than just an exchange. It also engages in the promotion of real world Blockchain adoption for projects on its exchange by means of roadshows and events, specifically geared towards attracting traditional business into this space. Its aim is to build up the decentralized autonomous community and cryptocurrency exchange, looking for strategic partners worldwide.



How to take part in the contest?

There are few rules to vote Friendz Coin to be listed on DragnEx.

First of all the dates: you can vote from May 28th, 2018 until June 3rd 2018. Then, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

① Listing Criteria: number of supporters, number of supporting votes and support rate all meet the criteria for listing (if it can remain fully qualified for continuous 24 hours, it can be listed earlier).
② Eligibility of Voting: finish ID authentication and own more than 10 available DTs.
③ 1 DT will be frozen for each vote, and each time you can make more than one vote and you can vote more than once.
④ DT will be frozen after voting and will be unfrozen after 7 days, bonus will be released as usual during the freezing period.


We know you will support us and we know you want to make FDZ the coolest crypto ever, that’s why we expect to reach the following results in the next 7 days:

Criteria 1: Number of Votes ≥ 300000
Criteria 2: Number of Voters ≥ 1000
Criteria 3: Support Rate ≥ 66.6%


Will we make it?

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