Sneak peek at three Friendz brand campaigns

Since the beginning of 2018 Friendz has collaborated with many different brands and it has closed deals worth €800,000.

Now you can take a closer look at 3 different campaigns!

Nestlé Nescafé

This is the second brand to collaborate with Friendz Spanish country after DHL. The campaign launched on May 21st revolves around Nescafé Cappuccino product and it is solely dedicated to the spanish community.

Friendz users can take a picture about one of their everyday moments of happiness and share it on their Instagram and Facebook profiles through Friendz App. The campaign will be live until June 14th, but the photos will be visible after by looking for the hashtags #CelebramosAlgo #NESCAFÉCappuccino.



Friendz supported Sheba positioning campaign by launching #graziegatto in honor of our cats, to thank them for the love they give us everyday.

For this campaign, Friendz community could snap a picture of their furry friends in their best poses, like a real model. Before posting the picture they had to add a description in which they thanked their cats and adding one of their bizarre habits.


Friendz launched the campaign #entranelgiro for its Italian community in order to amplify the resonance of Giro d’Italia’s communication campaign on social media, whose Enel is official sponsor since 2016.

For the 101st edition of the worldwide famous cycling tour, started from Jerusalem, Friendz users could share on their Facebook profiles the official video of the campaign made by The Jackal and take a photo with their family and friends while rooting for the race on the sofa.


If you are curious to see more photos made by Italian Friendz for Brand campaigns, you can take a look here:





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