Dragonex Trading Competition and Drawing Lottery

Friendz is happy to announce that since 5th of June, Friendz Coin is listed on DRAGONEX exchange and has already reached a daily volume of around 1M$!

At present, DragonEx and the Friendz have launched the “Third Hall of Fame, Fragment Million FDZ” event.

Let’s participate to Dragonex Trading Competition and Drawing Lottery from June 5 to June 11 to WIN Millions of FDZ bounties!

  • The event will take place at 11:00 on June 5 – 24:00 on June 11 (Bejing Time)
    During that time, each new user will earn a 20 FDZ rewards (on a total of 100K FDZ available)


  • FDZ Trading Competition:
    Total trading volume during the event (buy + sell)
    1st place: 88.000 FDZ
    2nd place: 58.000 FDZ
    3rd place: 48.000 FDZ
    4th to 10th place will share the prize of 150.000 FDZ.


  • Drawing Lottery:
    User with a daily FDZ transaction volume of 10.000 FDZ can participate to the daily drawing lottery:
    1st prize: 1 reward per day of 10.000 FDZ;
    2nd prize: 2 rewards per day of 2.000 FDZ;
    3rd Prize: 50 rewards per day of 200 FDZ;
    4th Prize: 200 rewards per day of 50 FDZ.

1. The winning ID will be automatically drawn by the lottery system at 15:00 (Bejing time) the next day and will be announced in the community at 17:00. (Bejing time)
2. Awards are issued within 5 working days after the event ends. The final interpretation of the event is owned by DragonEx.

What are you waiting for?
Good luck everybody!

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