A new megaphone for brands: Friendz Community Amplification

If we were in a cartoon, there will probably be a light bulb turning on and off like crazy over Friendz headquarter. Why? Because Friendz R&D team is full of energy and it is relentlessly coming up with new and exciting ideas on how to engage the community!

Sometimes they are complex and with many variants just like Contest and Lead Generation while other times they are quite easy and intuitive like this one.

The product we are talking about today is Community Amplification.

Friendz community can be activated in many different ways to interact with brand’s institutional contents in order to increase their distribution. The action they can do are: Repost on Facebook, Regram on Instagram and Retweet on Twitter.

If you are wondering how it works, here’s a sneak peek:
– Brands define the content they want to spread;
– Friendz creative team comes up with a message to pair it with;
– Friendz activates its community;
– The approvers validate the action and the content gets published on social media.

Every repost, retweet and regram is accompanied by a personalized comment from the user to ensure the content authenticity. It is also accompanied by the campaign’s hashtags, always following Friendz decentralization and credits-reward logic.

This action results as spontaneous as any other post shared by the users, this way the social media itself will increase its visibility and (possible) virality!

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