Turn off the light, it’s time for Friendz recruiting!

Applying for a job, sending CVs and presentation letters, undergoing hundreds of interviews is a tough work, especially if you don’t get the hired because of some social bias and not because of your skills. Finding companies willing to break this consolidated habit is not easy.

As you read in our previous article, The end of job interviews as you knew them, Friendz has a thing for unconventional recruiting and it fell for it…again!

While looking for four different professional figures (a Creative Specialist, an Event Organizer, a Marketing Designer and an Account Manager), the whole team decided it was worth creating an unforgettable experience for its candidates as well as an opportunity to test human bias. So, they sat down until they came up with an idea.

They organized two events to test their future colleagues. The peculiarity? The first one takes place completely in the dark.

On June 5th Friendz team received in its Milan office the 28 candidates, who were then blindfolded and brought into a dark room. The only source of light were the “glow in the dark” adhesive tapes on the floor to define the space and the starlight bracelets of the candidates. Depending on the position they were applying for, they received a bracelet of a different color: orange for Creative Specialists, pink for Event Organizers, yellow for Marketing Designers and green for Account Managers.

The activity they had to do that night was a work speed-date, meaning that they could talk with everyone for 5 minutes while taking notes with an UV pen. Later, they had to send the team a message with the name of the person they felt more comfortable with.

Little did they know that Friendz had another surprise for them; not only the team did not follow the candidate’s preferences and paired them randomly to test their ability to work with everyone, but also made them re-invent and sing the verse of a song to describe the experience they just had.

The other appointment took place on June 7th and this time the candidates had to work in pairs on a project. They were given two briefs, depending on their position, and they had to carry it out as if they were actually working on that project, dealing with unexpected requests form fictitious clients, including the most appropriate Friendz product for the client’s needs other than managing time and budget.

To spice things up, by the end of the time span, every Account had to pitch their project to the other groups and Friendz team, answer questions about their decisions and convince the audience with their presentation abilities.

And now? Now Friendz is ready to welcome the lucky four among them, and it’s already thinking about more unconventional recruiting.
Who will come next?

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