Friendz community secret recipe: Engagement

As you already know, our community is the beating heart of Friendz and it wouldn’t be possible to keep 270,000 people interested and active without engagement of any sort. And we are just talking about our Italian community alone!

To disclose our secrets and learn from other people experiences, on June 16th Friendz co-founder Alessandro and our community manager Lorenzo (called Dado – Dice in English ?) went to the Italian Community Manager event where they talked about how they manage to bring Friendz users close together.

At the event there were other brands such as AirBnB which presented its strategy and stories on how they keep their own communities engaged. Many people were interested in Friendz story and flood Alessandro and Dado with many interesting questions. So many that they couldn’t even answer to all of them!

To open you the door to our world, here’s a super concentrated recap of our secret recipe!

Engagement is something every community manager and brand tries to reach, but it’s not something you get right on first try! In our case, Friendz app helped a lot thanks to its gamification logics in which users were (and still are) highly engaged in many tailored activities that stimolate their competition. In addition to that, we use personalized notifications to make our users feel unique, which brought to the sense of belonging that came with the Facebook Group “Friendz Beta Tester”.

Are you ready to know Dado’s secrets to always keep the engagement high?

  • LISTEN to the people feedbacks and needs
  • ASK the right questions
  • BLEND so they can feel familiar and close to you
  • ENHANCE those who do a great job
  • SPLIT to be their friendz but also to make them respect the rules

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