Friendz keeps on hiring at TEDxVarese

On June 16th, part of Friendz team had to wake up way earlier than they usually do when they have to go to work. Why? Because they went to TEDxVarese (in northern Italy), looking for four additional figures to add to their Chiasso team.

TED is an annual event that gathers world’s most brilliant minds and makers to spread new ideas in every discipline. TED has created TEDx, a list of local and self-organized events to bring innovation lovers closer together.
Why was Friendz looking for professional figures there? Because it is always looking for new ideas to always stay ahead of time in terms of innovation and digital marketing.

As soon as people knew Friendz team was hiring, a long queue started forming around the team’s station in the hall of Centro Congressi Ville Ponti. And of course, in perfect Friendz style, the recruiting went on a bit differently than a normal job interview.

The Community Team was looking for a Social Media Specialist fluent in english, so they decided to make the candidates write a post on Facebook to see if they were able to engage a community. In addition, they had to complete a series of questions on a typeform, aimed to check their knowledge of social media.

Silvia, Friendz designer, was looking for a UX Designer able to create an easy and appealing graphic interface. She decided to make the candidates choose from one of the exhibitors present at TEDxVarese and re-design their website on a printed mockup of a mobile and pc screen.

The developers (that day known as “fab-3”) were looking for a PHP Developer and unfortunately, since there was not enough room for everybody, they simply chatted with their candidates.

Lastly, the R&D team was looking for a Project Leader. They pitched the candidates a business case as well as a Friendz Product (photo on demand) and gave then gave them a series of questions a good Project Leader should ask. Once they had enough time to think, they chatted with the R&D team representative, to understand if they could fit the position.

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