Friendz and Reply Blockchain partnership creates ICOMATE

A new product is born from the partnership between Friendz and Reply Blockchain : ICOMATE


ICOMATE is the result of the two brands’ strength in the crypto and blockchain fields, combined together. With this new tool, everyone who is about to launch an ICO can find all the assistance he needs at any stage of his project.

In fact Reply Blockchain, as consulting and technological partner, will provide all its expertise regarding design and technical aspects of the process, while Friendz will supply the content creation, community management and gamification support.


The main services are: Design&Core Tech, Investor Management and Compliance.
Some of the things they comprehend are a dashboard for investors with KYC integration, the development of a responsive website and growth-hacking tools, token logic and smart contract launch on blockchain, 24/7 coverage in terms of ICO support and customer care as well as former review for attesting the compliance status.

ICOMATE is suitable at every stage of the project, covering the clients needs at 360 degrees. Whether someone has just an idea in mind or he needs help with whitepaper drafting or the final launch, this product can easily accompany everyone in the pre-, mid- and post- stages of an ICO path.
How? The technical expertise of Reply Blockchain will introduce the clients into the first stages of the journey, while Friendz will provide all the engagement and customer care a project needs to float in the turbulent waters of ICOs.
Moreover, Friendz services will be paid using FDZ (Friendz Coin)!


What more?

There are already clients in line, waiting to take advantage of ICOMATE services!
If you want to apply for the services , go check the website:

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