Friendz at Web Marketing Festival 2018

Friendz team has recently been at Palacongressi in Rimini for the 4th edition of the Web Marketing Festival.

The Web Marketing Festival is the most complete event in Italy on the theme of digital innovation since 2015. This year WMF format was different: 50 events concentrated in a three day festival focused on training, innovation and confrontation on current thematics and future trends of the digital panorama.

Friendz is not new to this event. In fact, the team took part in the very first edition, won two prizes worth €20,000 and helped them get in touch with investors and marketers of every kind.
This time, they went there as sponsor and speaker. Friendz co-founder Cecilia Nostro talked about what the company has become since that day and the adventure that led us to launch the ICO.

Apart from the speech dedicated to the blockchain area, Friendz went to the Web Marketing Festival with an idea in mind: revolutionizing networking. In fact, they invented the Networker Survival Kit, a new tool to help networkers at every event and conference to spot the right person for their business. How?

Trying to tone down the formal atmosphere, that almost always occurs in these events, as well as looking for a way to meet the professionals needs, Friendz thought about bracelets. Not simple bracelets, but divided by color depending on the profession, which allowed people to recognize the best interlocutor even before talking to them. A handbook came with the bracelets to help everyone recognize the other colors linked to the other professions. In addition, on the back of every page, there was a funny description of that role as well as a serie of DOs and DONT’Ts on how to behave with them.

An exemple?

A true budget negotiator since his early childhood. When he was still in diapers he already monitored his mother’s purchasing habits and came up with the perfect strategy to make her go to the toy shop. 
His God is the unconventional, his religion: the evergreen think outside the box. When the sales are low it’s his fault, but when they don’t, it’s because the product is amazing!
DO: “Raise that budget, honey!”
DON’T: “…whatever. But make it VIRAL!”

The feedbacks Friendz team received were amazing. Everyone enjoyed the descriptions and thought this kit was a must-have to make the most out of networking. Not just marketing managers, freelancers or startuppers, but also common visitors were attracted by Friendz booth interested in the Kit, where they could learn about the company and its journey between innovation and revolution of the digital marketing scenario.

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