Product Testing: a new service from Friendz headquarter

Product Testing is a brand new service that allows every brand to send product samples to Friendz in target users. In addition to that, people involved in this activity can also fill a survey about their experience as well as publish a pre-determined content on their social media profile.

Thanks to the high reactivity and profiling accuracy of the community, Friendz can conduct sampling and product testing with added value based on the client’s chosen target.
Friendz knows its community deeply, thanks to the Facebook login every user has to do in order to start using the App. Moreover, Friendz sends its users surveys on a regular basis in order to obtain more specific information and create new clusters. An example? Young Consumers (Males/Females 18–25), Buyer (Men/Women +18), Mass Market (Males/Females +18).

In addition, sampling activity can be even more improved on a KPI level by adding UGC campaigns and Test&Tell survey. How?

On the one hand, once the users in target have received their sample, they will take a picture of it and write a personalized comment about the experience. Only after a thorough process of validation, the picture will be posted it on their social media profiles, stimulating Word Of Mouth and boosting the post reach and interactions. On the other hand, once users have received the product home, they will receive a survey through Friendz App with questions about the product and the experience with it. This will allow Friendz to collect detailed feedbacks and give a real insight about both the product and the customer experience.

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