Friendz product for secret agents: mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is the new product by Friendz for retail that brings out the secret agent inside all of us.
In fact, friendz can activate its users for mystery shopping activities in order to observe, assess prices and condition of both clients’ and competitors’ points of sale.

Thanks to the high level of engagement, Friendz can ask its users to complete complex activities based on a series of pre-defined rules that can come to life under the shape of the following actions.

Out of stock identification is an activity that allows the client to keep under control the availability of its SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) on the shelf, based on a monthly or weekly frequency. Also, it is possible to carry out this activity during the Peak Time Purchasing (which is the moment of maximum turnout, when customers have difficulties in finding products) and report the unlisted SKUs.

Keeping track of competitors’ promo allows the identification of competitors’ promotions in many different points of sale, such as: super markets, mini markets, independent supermarkets, direct resellers and retailers like bars. This activity can be fundamental int he creation of a quick and thoughtful marketing strategy.

In addition, Friendz users can verify the proper placement of the brand’s products in the large-scale retail trade points of sale.

Why should a brand ask Friendz to carry out these activities?
Because, as both brands and marketers know, the availability and presence of a product in every point of sale can lead to the increment or drop of sales, which can result in a substantial variation of revenues.

Friendz can guarantee a thorough and trustworthy service thanks to its community, which is characterized by:
Speed of reaction: users can generate many photos (as action completion proof) in a short amount of time and in a verified as well as reliable way;
Customization: clients can express their preferences through a brief, as well as ask for a completely customized dashboard;
Cost-effectiveness: Friendz can reduce the travel cost of professionals to the minimum, thanks to its community geographic representativeness.

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