Martina Pirisi: Friendz new Account Project Manager

Martina arrived at Friendz in October 2017 while she wasn’t looking for a job. She already knew Friendz co-founder Cecilia Nostro since they both come from Piedmont and Friendz already had a name there. She already worked in startups and she was interested in knowing how Friendz worked, so she wrote to Cecilia and came to Milan office to say hi to her. As she got there, the co-founders put in front of her the opportunity to work for a project Friendz was about to launch. And so, she started.

She wrote articles, translated the website and the app for what would have become the biggest adventure in Friendz journey so far: the ICO.
She was working in team with Carmen, who then moved to the Community Team, and with Laura with whom organized the roadshow and managed the Telegram Group of investors. In fact, some of you may know her from her avatar on Telegram, which became the friendly face everyone in the group turned to, seeking answers to doubts, questions and advices.

Once the ICO was over, she discovered that her true call was Account Project Manager because of her super – and almost mental – organization and because she always felt that the contact with people was what she really needed.

Prior to Friendz she went to Shanghai to follow a language course to practice and improve her knowledge of Chinese. She fell in love with the Country, although it was not easy being there alone, so she decided to come back a second time. The third time she went to China she decided to follow a master in Management and Business Administration.

“The individual does not survive alone. He needs others and luckily they’re there to help.”

Her first impact with China was a bit traumatic but she did not want to give up. This challenge helped her changing her perspective, as well as proving herself which ultimately made her discover her true character making her the person she is today.

Even though she loves traveling the World, she does not forget where she comes from. She’s very attached to the Piedmontese countryside where she grew up and where her family produces wine.

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