Photo on Demand: let’s discover Friendz’s product for brands

Photo on Demand is a product by Friendz which accommodates the demand of any brand to have a more genuine photographic communication both online and offline.

Friendz can activate its best content creators in the community to produce ad-hoc photos (with or without the product) for its clients. All this is aimed to guarantee the best brand safety and brief correspondence.

Clients can use the photos created by Friendz users in editorial plans, sponsored/institutional posts or offline materials. The power of these photos resides in their authenticity and because of that, people tend to interact more with this kind of content than the average photo shot by a professional photographer.

How does it work?

The process is easy, reliable and really quick. Thanks to Friendz community high engagement and responsiveness, in just two days any brand can send the brief and select the photos it wants to buy the rights of directly from Friendz client dashboard. Moreover, from the brief reception to the client’s dashboard, the photo shot by the users has to pass through Friendz famous validation process, which guarantees its perfect compliance to the client’s needs.

During this product’s period of validation, the performance spoke for itself. The sponsored user generated content performed way better than the institutional content, obtaining better results with half the budget. Comments, reactions and shares were also key performance indicators.

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