Friendz Airdrop2: all you need to know

Even if Airdrop2 has been announced a while ago, it never started because, in order to be perfectly compliant with every FINMA regulation, we had to wait for long verification and confirmation.

Now we are finally ready to move forward and start the token distribution, which will regard every ICO contributor and will be carried out the following way:

  • Airdrop2 token will be distributed proportionally to every contributor, depending on the amount of his/her contribution;
  • Power Hour contributors will receive a double amount as a way to thank them for the faith they put in us.

In order to access the Airdrop it is mandatory for every contributor to complete the KYC procedure directly from their dashboard, which is available here.

KYC procedure will be only available until July 25th.
Airdrop distribution will start after KYC will be verified for everyone and will end within the 3rd week of August.

How you do you do it? Follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on “Go to KYC”.
    (Be sure to use the email used for the contribution during the ICO period)
    2) Check off the answers and then click on “Start Verification”.
    3) Fill in the information required and then press “Save”
    4) Upload a photo of both the front and back of your Passport, Driver License or ID, as well as a document to attest your data. Once done, take a picture of your face and upload it.
    5) Click on “Continue as Private” or “Continue as Business”
    6) Check if the info you put are correct and complete the remaining sections, then press “Save”

    7) Congratulation! Your documents have been uploaded successfully and you have filled out all the info correctly. Your KYC may be immediately verified, but if it isn’t, don’t worry! Your KYC is under verification and it may take few days to complete.

    Once every KYC will be successfully verified, we will start the Airdrop token distribution which will last until the third week of August.

    If you need help during your KYC compilation, write to our Official Telegram Group!

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