Friendz for Ecodom: a thousand proof of 1 versus 0

On July 5, Ecodom (the biggest Italian consortium of electrical equipment management) invited Friendz to present the report of a research about the Italian decree “1 contro 0” which concerns the withdrawal of small electrical equipments (RAEE), borne by big electronics stores.

Friendz research for Ecodom involved 10,000 users and it has been carried out this way:
The first survey was aimed to understand how many people knew about this decree and, among them, who already took advantage of it. After this first survey, Friendz Community Managers Lorenzo and Gabriella shoot a video to explain what RAEE are, what the decree tells and also showed how the withdrawal should be carried out.

Not long after the video was published on social media, Friendz engaged 400 of its users (who had previously answered negatively in the first survey concerning the knowledge of the decree) for a in-store experience. There, people tried to dispose of their small electrical equipment to see how many shop assistants were ready and prepared. Once the in-store experience was over, they also had to complete a second survey about it.

Thanks to the great job and thorough research, Ecodom organized an event in which Friendz could present its project and potentialities, as well as the report with the results of the whole campaign. At the event called “Mille prove di 1 contro 0” were present Ecodom General Manager Giorgio Arienti, Friendz Co-Founder Alessandro Cadoni together with Enrico Pasquotti and the whole Team Community, as well as representatives of important Italian associations and electronic stores. This has been a great opportunity for Friendz to show the power of its community, as well as the soundness of its researches.

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