Friendz new collaboration with Efforce

After running few tests, Friendz is proud to announce its new collaboration with Efforce.

EFFORCE  is the first blockchain based platform whose main goal is to meet the demand and supply of investments in energy efficiency. In other words, thanks to Efforce contributors can now profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide. How? Converting energy savings into a tangible asset.

Friendz ICO management business unit will accompany EFFORCE through its journey by providing its services.

In particular, Friendz will be side by side with Efforce in pre-, mid- and post- ICO phases, by:

– Providing and managing the contributor’s dashboard;

– Managing and Sharing content on Efforce official profiles;

– Managing the community both globally and locally as well as providing customer care services via Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and every other channel.


As for now, Efforce is touring the world on a roadshow to present its project to future investors in Asia, Europe and shortly in America.

Discover more about EFFORCE and register here to participate to bounty campaigns and keep yourself updated:




Telegram Group:  

Telegram News Channel:



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