From startup to company: Friendz four secrets

Few days ago, Friendz co-founder Alessandro Cadoni has been invited to the EIA: European Innovation Academy in Italy as speaker, to talk about Friendz journey from startup, to company.
That day, the audience was an international course for young entrepreneurs, ready to listen and ask questions about the experience of co-founding a startup or how to find the first 1,000 active users.

Let’s discover what Alessandro talked about:

Friendz strength is engaging people through activities, actions, challenges and campaigns run inside the official App or its platforms. It is no secret: gamification helped Friendz engaging its crypto-community on the dashboard during the ICO and it keeps being Friendz strength when it comes to its business.
In fact, Friendz community has extremely high levels of engagement and reactivity, thanks to the entertaining – and almost addictive – campaigns on the App.

First Users
The first 1,000 users are extremely important. You can find them in already existing communities based on their interests, so turning to thematic groups on social media can be a goldmine! The next step is keeping them engaged and interested. Giving them the opportunity to know your story, your vision and values as well as your mistakes, help them connecting with your project on an emotional level.

Keep them active
Keeping people active can be difficult, but luckily there are some tricks to keep in mind.
– Care about them: everything you do should be aimed to amuse them as well as entertain them
– Know them: knowing their tastes, habits, how they communicate and what they like, helps you find the right way to communicate with them by being on the same level (and avoid the old top-down institutional tone of voice)
– Listen to them: their feedbacks can really make the difference for your project
– Help them: if your users have problems, then you have problems. Their struggles can help you perfect your business and user experience!

Fast Growth
Growing rapidly is the dream of every entrepreneur, but in order to do that, you have to keep in mind three advice:
– Deliver more than expected;
– Be kind, always
– Say sorry.

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